DEOFLOW Z: The processing aid when zinc-containing processing additives could cause interferences.

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The processability of rubber when manufacturing rubber products is complicated. Therefore, the importance of processing aids to improve processability is increased. The function of the processing aids, fatty acid derivatives, is mainly based on lubricity and is affected by the kind of rubber and/or ingredients. 

Plasticizers, process oils, internal lubricants and other chemical additives are used to improve and enhance the compound processing characteristics of rubbers and plastics. Processing aids can act as softeners and lubricants depending on the needs of the manufacturer. These additives improve processing, lower compound viscosity and increase the flexibility of polymer compounds.

Because there is a wide range of chemicals used as processing aids and plasticizers, the individual properties of each compounding material can differ greatly. Depending on a customer’s specific compound, process requirements and chemical compatibility, the correct additive must be selected to ensure proper performance.

New Developments in Processing Aids

As there is a push for more eco-friendly products to be developed, conventionally used carbon black is being replaced with silica in rubber compounds. Generally, as a lubricant and dispersing agent, processing aids containing zinc ions have been employed as additives. Various zinc soaps are used as intermolecular lubricants, owing to their ability to enhance the rubber solubility in rubber composites. However, because zinc consumption is an environmental problem, the major contributors are under pressure to reduce its use and develop a substitute. Thus, it is necessary to find environmentally friendly, alternative processing aids for use in rubber composites

California Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Further, speciality chemicals also need to be REACH and ROHS compliant. By requiring that this information be provided, consumers make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.

Furthermore, use of these oils for zinc-free processing aids in terms of the improved mechanical properties, such as modulus, tensile strength, fatigue, and abrasion properties, using a novel processing aid, has not been fully studies or documented.

Deoflow Z: A Versatile Zinc Free Processing Aid 

Deoflow Z, a product of D. O. G, Germany is a Universal processing additive for rubber compounds based on EPDM, NR, SBR and CR, in which zinc-containing processing additives could cause interferences. It acts as lubricant and dispersing
agent. Deoflow Z improves the flow properties of the compounds and the release of the vulcanizates

Salient Features
  • It is an economically priced calcium soap with an inorganic dispersant.
  • It is highly recommended for complex mouldings
  • It is highly effective in elastomers such as EPDM, NR, SBR and CR compounds
  • It comes in the form of pastels
  • The dropping point is 103 degrees Centigrade +/- 7 Degrees Centigrade
  • The percentage (%) Ash is 24.5/-1.5
  • Recommended dosage is 1.6 PHR
Technical Literature: Interpretation of Design of Experiment**

(Laboratory report 4522: D. O. G., Germany)

With addition of Deoflow Z – 3 PHR

Impact on ML (least torque) 

ML has reduced thereby suggesting enhanced processibility

Impact on MH (highest torque) with addition of Deoflow Z – 3 PHR

No significant impact on MH thereby suggesting the physical properties is not affected.

Impact on Mooney Viscosity with addition of Deoflow Z – 3 PHR

Mooney viscosity reduces after addition of additives thereby suggesting improved processability

Impact on Tensile Strength with addition of Deoflow Z – 3 PHR

No impact on physical strength

Impact on Modulus with addition of Deoflow Z – 3 PHR

No impact on physical properties

Impact on Volume Flow in mm3 with addition of Deoflow Z – 3 PHR

There is significant flow improvement suggesting increase in volume

Impact on Injection in mm3

There is flow improvement that suggests volume increase and reduced time taken

Impact on Extrusion Flow in mm3

Visible flow improvement

Impact on Extrusion Flow in mm3/per sec

Significant flow improvement

Impact on Compression Set (%)

No impact on Compression Set

  • The biggest advantage that DEOFLOW Z offers is minimum impact on crosslink density.
  • Enhanced processability
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Significant Cost Competitive advantage

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