Adhesives & Sealants

IR Tubes Pvt. Ltd. has been serving the Adhesive & Sealants Industry and provides a variety of specialised chemicals that meet the needs of the Industry. We continually build relationships and work as partners with our customers to stabilise the newly developed products from our product range to meet the needs of our cust

In modern products and their manufacture there are many instances where two or more dissimilar materials need to be robustly joined. The strength and chemistry of the interface where materials meet is critical to the robustness and longevity of the joint.
Water based adhesives and Solvent based adhesives (WSA) are one of the largest classes of adhesives. Today, the chemical industry uses a range of natural and synthetic polymers with special additives for adhesive and sealant formulations.
These adhesives can be formulated to provide a wide range of adhesive properties and can be used in a variety of applications like food and pharmaceutical package sealing, labelling, weather stripping, industrial coating, laminating and sealing.
For any adhesive performance surface preparation and interface creation holds the key.
The water-based adhesives are usually formulated as dispersions or emulsions. These adhesives have excellent shear strength, good appearance, and are economic and environmental solutions.
Solvent based adhesives are mixtures of solvents and polymers with special additives. Solvent based adhesives can be applied by roller, brush, and spray or as beads either manually or automatically. They have good bond performance. Because they are formulated with organic solvent, they have excellent surface wettability over water based adhesives.

Our partners often require these specialty chemicals in widely differing quantities, ranging from grams to multi-tonnes, and it is crucial to their success that they can rely on us to deliver these products as and when they need them. At I R Tubes we continually work with our customers to ensure new products are available to meet their needs.
As with all our chemicals we provide to the Adhesive & Sealants industry complies with the European Union’s REACH legislation. I. R. Tubes provide documentation in support of compliance at ingredient level.

Our strengths & working culture

  • Efficient decision-making, flexible quantities
  • Individual customer service
  • Technical support and back up from the principals
  • Cooperative and individualised development
  • Delivery of small batches to suit customer needs
  • Use of renewable materials and resources
  • User-friendly products
  • Efficient logistical support

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