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About I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd.

I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd. started in 1981 as a manufacturing unit for rubber extruded and Rubber moulded goods at Kharadi, near Pune. In 1991, when the Government of India liberalised the economy, I. R. Tubes Pvt Ltd. decided to diversify and set up a trading division. Even in trading, the company decided to stick to its core competency: rubber compounding & rubber processing. They decided only to import stock and sell chemicals for the rubber industry and source them from high-quality manufacturers.

Today, I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted specialty chemical distributors and suppliers for high quality, environment-friendly chemicals. I.R. Tubes, sources its products from high-quality manufacturers such as D. O. G Deutsche Oelfabrik, Emery Oleochemicals, Robinson Brothers and Aquaspersions Ltd., who have their plants located in Germany, Malaysia and the UK.

Initially, the Company only supplied to the rubber industry, but now the specialty chemical suppliers & distributors are selling the chemicals to the PVC, Latex, Adhesives & Sealant industry too. The specialty chemical distributors are also looking to sell their products to the Inks, Coatings, and various other industries where their products can be used.

Situated at Kharadi, near Pune. I. R. Tubes Pvt Ltd. imports, stocks and sells chemicals that are REACH AND ROHS compliant. Documentation of compliance at an ingredient level is provided and the company caters to customers with flexible batch sizes. The company is supported by the technical support of its global principals. I.R. Tubes continually works with its partners in business to ensure that products meet our customers’ needs.

  • Unparalleled Quality & Innovation
  • Delivery of sustainable solutions for optimized results
  • Commitment to long-term relationships with our customers
  • On-time delivery of our products
  • Continued customer support through innovative solutions.

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Rubber is used to manufacture a variety of daily use and industrial products. Its improved resistance against the effects of heat, sunlight, oxygen, mechanical stress, and ozone is leading the global market growth. The evident boom of the rubber industry has, in turn, facilitated the demand for specialty chemical suppliers from the chemical distribution market.

I.R.Tubes, which started as a manufacturing unit for rubber extruded and rubber moulded goods, has also been importing stock and selling chemicals for the rubber industry for decades.  Continually supplying additives, chemicals and ingredients to component manufacturers in the General Rubber Goods Industry, I.R. Tubes has built relationships and worked as partners with several customers to stabilise the newly developed products from its range.

As chemical distributors, the company has only worked towards positioning themselves as one of the most reliable and resourceful chemical suppliers in the industry. I. R. Tubes consistently offers its partners an unparalleled level of expertise and customer service. Their assistance in satisfying the industry’s most stringent technical, quality, and safety standards has given their partners an edge over their competitors. I.R. Tubes’ responsibility as chemical suppliers is to help every partner to receive quality products at every step in their business with us.

I.R. Tubes makes sure efficient decision-making at every step of the specialty chemical distribution. To best suit their partners’ needs, they provide individual customer service. 

The customers often require these specialty chemicals to be produced in widely differing quantities, ranging from grams to multi-tonnes, and it is crucial to their success that they can rely on I R Tubes to deliver these products as and when they need them.


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