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IR Tubes Pvt. Ltd. has been serving and providing a variety of chemicals to the Medical Devices Industry for the past three decades. They continually build relationships with their customers to ensure newly developed products are available to meet the needs.

Rubber is beneficial because of its versatility to the many needs in the Medical Device industry. Products in this industry are surgical gloves, examination gloves, injection bottle stoppers, tubes, condoms, breathing bags, cushioning or supporting materials, prosthetics, implants and catheters. The best example of how the use of specialised chemicals that go into the making of products is most beneficial here is that of patients who have a latex allergy or are sensitive to latex. Latex can cause an allergic reaction, complications and cause side effects when it is used to make these devices. One has to consider the toxicity of the material when it comes to manufacturing medical supplies that have to be placed directly into a patient’s body. Using only Nitrosamine Free Rubber Accelerators must be ensured in order to manufacture a safe, non-toxic rubber product further.

At I.R. Tubes, they make sure that their customers are only offered Nitrosamine free rubber accelerators to avoid harmful effects of rubber products at all costs.

For those involved in medical product development, selecting a high-quality elastomer for critical applications can be a challenge. Designers, engineers, and managers must carefully evaluate a wide array of material properties and processing possibilities to meet demanding performance specifications and budget requirements. With so many materials and fabrication methods available today, it is often difficult to recognise the optimum solution, and the consequences of selecting an inferior material can range from lost time and money to total project failure.

Their partners often require these specialty chemicals to be produced in widely differing quantities, ranging from grams to multi-tonnes. It is crucial to their success that they can rely on I R Tubes as Nitrosamine free rubber accelerator suppliers to deliver these products as and when they need them.  I.R. Tubes, continually works with their customers to ensure new products are available to meet their needs.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Efficient decision-making, flexible quantities
  • Individual customer service
  • Technical support with the back up of principals
  • Cooperative and individualized development
  • Delivery of small batches to suit customer needs
  • Use of renewable materials and resources
  • User-friendly products
  • Efficient logistical support

As with all products, each agent  provided for the medical device industry complies with the European Union’s REACH legislation. In addition, each application is required to secure regulatory approval from relevant authorities such as the European Medicines Agency.

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Nitrosamine free Rubber Accelerators

Nitrosamine is a chemical compound that is generated during the process of mixing, storing and vulcanising (range of chemical processes that improve the physical properties of rubber) synthetic rubber. The harmful properties of Nitrosamines are not unknown to the rubber industry. They possess high mutagenic and has carcinogenic potential.

In our daily lives, it is almost a certainty that we use at least one rubber item. Footwear, hairbands, car tyres, and the list goes on. The kind of goods manufactured using rubber is highly varied, and the method of manufacturing differs. However, there are a few rubber items that have a direct impact on our health, the medical devices.  These products are surgical gloves, examination gloves, injection bottle stoppers, tubes, condoms, breathing bags, cushioning or supporting materials, prosthetics, implants and catheters. These are the rubber products that are directly placed in the human body. This is where the harmful effects of carcinogenic nitrosamines come in.

It is crucial for manufacturers of rubber products to take into account the mutagenic and carcinogenic potential of the compound. Nitrosamine free rubber accelerator suppliers, I.R. Tubes, place great importance on safety concerns and regulations and believe in offering what is best and safest for their partners.

I R Tubes Pvt. Ltd., with their growing portfolio of chemicals plays a vital role in both dry and wet rubber applications. Given the increasing awareness also around using environmentally friendly chemicals, they offer their customers products that provide safer alternatives.

Vulcanising Agent for Rubber

Vulcanising agents for rubber are gives natural rubber or other polymers more strength, elasticity and durability. These additives add cross-links to individual polymer chains to make them stronger

The most common Vulcanising agent for rubber is sulfur. Rubber is heated in the presence of Sulphur.

Natural rubber becomes sticky or melts in high temperature and when it gets cold, it becomes brittle and therefore is not fit for use.

Eventually chemicals other than Sulphur were used to crosslink elastomers, and since, the term crosslinking became synonymous with vulcanization. It is achieved with time and temperature activation of specific chemicals which react with polymeric materials, producing a crosslinked network of molecular chains. Sulphur accelerators make the process of vulcanization safer and more efficient.

Insoluble Sulphur is amorphous form of sulfur, which is made from the heat-polymerizing of sulphur, also can be obtained by reacting sulfured hydrogen with Sulphur dioxide. Insoluble sulphur is an important rubber additive agent. It improves product quality, wear ability and resistance to both fatigue and ageing. In addition to being universally recognized as the best vulcanizing agent, it is widely used in the manufacture of tyre, rubber pipe, shoes, cable and wire insulating materials, latex, all kinds of automobile rubber parts and is also a necessary component of belt tyres.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are your products FDA approved?


2) Are your products REACH and ROHS Compliant?

Yes. We can give regulatory documentation which may be required.

3) Do you have any non-nitrosamine forming accelerators?

Yes, Robac AS 100, Deovulc TP4 - 75V

4) What are Rubber Accelerators?

Rubber Accelerators are chemicals used to speed up the cure of the product. Vulcanisation is a cross linking process in which individual molecules of rubber are converted into a three dimensional network of interconnected chains.

5) Who are the best suppliers of Nitrosamine free rubber accelerators?

Robinson Brothers from the UK and D.O .G of Germany are our suppliers and both have the best nitrosamine free rubber accelerators in their range. Their products are also environmentally friendly.

6) How to choose the best rubber additive?

I R Tubes provides the best in class technical support to ensure that the products are specific to client requirements. With our wide range of environmentally friendly speciality chemicals, we are the best rubber additive suppliers.

7) Why is blooming caused?

"Bloom:" is a white powdery substance found on the surface of the rubber. This is caused by vulcanising agents migrating to the surface of the rubber part. Chemicals have different solubility levels for different rubbers. When the dosage exceeds the solubility level, blooming occurs.

8) What chemicals are used in vulcanization?

Vulcanization is a chemical process in which the rubber is heated with sulphur, accelerator and activator at 140–160°C. This improves elasticity, resilience, tensile strength, viscosity, hardness and weather resistance in rubber. The best chemicals used are Deovulc EG 3, Deovulc 7P4 75V, Deovulc BG 187V etc. The products are REACH and ROHS compliant.