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The problem: Issues using Traditional Accelerators

Traditional rubber accelerators, such as thiazoles (MBTS/MBT) and thiurams (TMTD), have been identified to leave toxic residues in shoe soles and also generate highly toxic nitrosamines during the manufacturing process. These chemicals pose a hazard to the individual wearing the shoes such as:

  • Type IV Allergy concerns
  • Nitrosoamine (NoX) generation.
  • Residual Accelerators which can be Carcinogenic in nature.
  • And many more other problems…

So in simple terms manufacturing safe footwear can help us to protect against these and other side effects.
The ISO has been proactive about these concerns and have tightened the regulations through new standards.

New Standards: ISO/TC 19577

As per the new standards introduced by ISO, it is mandated that footwear manufacturers use safer alternatives over traditional rubber accelerators. The ISO/TC 19577 focuses on critical substances potentially present in footwear, especially determination of Nitrosamines.

Safer alternatives to traditional accelerators

Footwear manufacturers are now looking for safer alternatives over traditional rubber accelerators. To overcome these challenges Robinson Brothers have introduced a particular rubber accelerator “Robac AS100”, which is specifically engineered to be completely consumed during rubber vulcanisation in order to prevent the generation of harmful nitrosamines and zero residue. So in simple terms – No Residue, No Hazard, No Risk.

“Robac AS100” is a di-isopropyl xanthogen polysulphide, which acts as an accelerator. Its chemical structure is completely free from nitrogen, phosphorous and metallic elements. The vulcanizes obtained with Robac AS100 are transparent and free from copper staining. It is best used for NR, synthetic polyisoprene and NBR. This solution is FDA approved.

IRTubes are the distributors for quality chemicals from Robinson Brothers of UK and can help you with Robac Technology products to manufacture safety footwear keeping all the new standards in place; whilst satisfying the exacting demands of consumers

Recently there was a great initiative taken by Robinson Brothers in #NationalFeetWeek of UK in the month of March 2020, focusing on the importance of safety in manufacturing good footwear using their quality chemical named “Robac AS100”.

We, at I. R. Tubes are the authorized distributors of Robac AS100 and other specialty chemicals of Robinson Brothers in India.

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