IR Tubes Pvt. Ltd. supplies various additives and chemicals to component manufacturers in the Automotive Industry for the last three decades. We continually build relationships and work as partners with our customers to stabilise the newly developed products in the product manufacturing process to ensure we meet the needs of our customer.

With new global standards the Automotive Industry demands continuous improvement of end products that are designed for harsher operating conditions that arise due to change in composition of lubrication fluids, fuel composition, higher under bonnet temperatures which are due to higher RPM & compact engines and rise in global ambient temperature.

With every new model, auto vehicle manufacturers endeavour to produce a product with better fuel efficiency, one that is more lightweight and to use parts that are environmentally friendly.

Elastomeric components that go into making a car made from general purpose Elastomer, Synthetic Rubbers & Speciality elastomers includes items such as bushes, grommets, tubing, hoses, engine mounts, adhesives that are used in the interior and exterior of the car, profiles, windscreen wiper blades etc.

I R Tubes specialise in chemicals/special additives e.g. special accelerators, additives, process aids & plasticizers, meant for Elastomer compounds, that enhance the ability to design formulations that fulfil stringent requirements laid down by automotive OEMs e.g. high temperature resistance, low temperature requirement, extractability, stress relaxation, permanent set etc.

This compliance ensures faster customer approvals and excellent service life for components in actual usage.

Our customers often require these specialty chemicals in widely differing quantities, ranging from grams to multi-tonnes, and it is crucial to their success that they can rely on us to deliver these products as and when they need them.

Chemicals we provide complies with the European Union’s REACH legislation. I. R. Tubes provides documentation to support compliance at ingredient level.

Our strengths & working culture:

  • Efficient decision-making, flexible quantities
  • Individual customer service
  • Technical support and back up from the principals
  • Cooperative and individualised development
  • Delivery of small batches to suit customer needs
  • Use of renewable materials and resources
  • User-friendly products
  • Efficient logistical support

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