Unthinkable: Life Without Wires and Cables

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Importance of Wires and CablesWith rapid urbanization worldwide and India poised to continue to grow, the role that wires and cables plays is of tremendous importance.  Life without wire and cables is unthinkable. The applications for cables are increasing, especially as a result of the growing use of cars, computers, the internet, and cable television. There is a need to provide cost-effective, efficient and reliable cable systems. There is a growing demand for high-quality cable systems that provides power to industries and households.

Different climates and environments and uses require dedicated specifications, for example, cable installation in buildings and highly populated areas may require flame retardant properties while underground cable systems may require water retardant cable jacketing materials.

To protect them from water damage, exposure to heat and cold, and abrasion, wires and cables require insulation. The type of insulation materials selected will depend on factors such as stability, mechanical strength and flexibility as well as resistance to extreme low and high temperatures and to moisture. Jackets and sheathing protect wires and cables against damage, chemical attack, fire, thermal impacts and other harmful elements.

The main raw insulation materials used in coated wires and cables are polymer resins, plasticizers, stabilisers, fillers, flame retardants, lubricants, antioxidants, acid acceptors and colourants.

Volume Resistivity and Its Incredible Importance in The Cable Industry

Volume resistivity is the resistance to leakage current through the body of an insulating material.  The higher the surface/volume resistivity, the lower the leakage current and the less conductive the material is. Volume Resistivity is measured in units: ohm-metre (Ohm-m or Ohm-cm). Below 105 Ohm-cm the material is considered as conductive. Above 109 Ohm-cm the material is considered as an electrical insulator.

It is also known as electrical resistivity, bulk resistivity, specific electrical resistance, specific volume resistance, or simply resistivity.  The general rule is resistivity increases with increasing temperature in conductors and decreases with increasing temperature in insulators.

Thus, choosing the correct insulating material and more important is the choice of silane/coupling agent/chemical that goes into the insulating material is of paramount importance in the manufacture of cables.  

Deolink VO/Deolink Vinyl & Deolink VE all products of Deutsche Oelfabrik of Germany (D. O. G.) have tremendous effectiveness when used in materials for insulation.

From the tables below showing Deolink VO/Deolink Vinyl & Deolink VE we can see that they are easy to incorporate and disperse in EDPM compounds and improve the processing and mechanical properties significantly.  Lower viscosity and a remarkably improved compression set is one such advantage. 

The wet electrical properties are also optimised as seen in the RED BOX outlined.

The chemicals are environmentally friendly and highly efficient oligomeric siloxane, especially for the use in compounds targeted for electrical applications.

Inferences For The Technical Information


Deolink VO/Deolink Vinyl in an EPDM Cable Compound

Deolink VE in an EPDM Cable Compound


It is important to select the right cable jacketing depending upon its specifications according to its installation environment. Insulation is  an important and non-conductive material that surrounds and protects individual wire or wire assemblies. Insulation is produced to resist electric current in electrical applications and also prevents current from contact with other conductors, and resists leakage. When choosing chemicals that go into the material that makes up the jacketing, one should not only consider the effectiveness and ease of incorporation into the material but also ensure that the chemicals used are environmentally friendly.

Deolink VO/Deolink Vinyl and Deolink VE are REACH and ROHS Compliant.

As a reliable vendor and partner to the cable industry, I R Tubes Private Ltd.  aims to provide outstanding value and create competitive advantages for our customers. 

I R Tubes Private Ltd., Pune are distributors for quality chemicals of Deutsche Oelfabrik of Germany, Omya UK Ltd., Robinson Brothers, UK, Emery Oleochemicals Ltd and Aquaspersions. Our chemicals are used in the manufacture of Rubber, Plastics, Latex, Adhesives and Sealants.

Raju Jethmalani
IRTubes Pvt. Ltd., Pune

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