About I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd.

I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd. started in 1981 as a manufacturing unit to manufacture rubber extruded and Rubber moulded goods at Sanaswadi, near Pune. In 1991, when the Government of India liberalised the economy, I. R. Tubes Pvt Ltd. decided to diversify and set up a trading division. Even in trading, the company decided to stick to it’s core competency which was rubber compounding & rubber processing. They decided to only import stock and sell chemicals for the rubber industry and to source these products from high quality manufacturers.

Today, I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd. sources its products from such high quality manufacturers such as D. O. G Deutsche Oelfabrik, Emerys Oleochemicals, Robinson Brothers and Aquaspersions Ltd., who have their plants located in Germany, Malaysia and the U. K.

Initially, the Company only supplied to the rubber industry, but now the speciality chemicals are being sold to the PVC, Latex, Adhesives & Sealant industry. We are also looking to sell our products to the Inks, Coatings and various other industries where our products can be used.


“To distribute, sell & trade the highest quality chemicals with a continued commitment to meet the market needs. To provide products and services to our customers that add value to their businesses.To facilitate the access of speciality chemicals to smaller units in the industry to help their growth”.


“To be a leader maintaining our competitive edge in the speciality chemicals industry, locally and globally, by constantly developing and upgrading our products while remaining true to our core values.”

Say hello to our team

Raju Jethmalani

Managing Director/Head of the Company

As Managing Driector of I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd., he brings to the Indian market out-of-the-box thinking. He has a relentless drive for innovation and a passion for research and development. He has 37 years of experience in the Rubber and Plastics industry.

Venkatesh G Huli

Head of Marketing

As a skilled Marketing Head, Venkatesh identifies, develops and analyzes market challenges that keep the company in the forefront in the chemicals industry. He has a collaborative approach to work and excels in networking with his customers

Dhananjay Burande

Head of Finance and Banking

As Head of Finance & Banking Dhananjay maintains the company’s financial health, ensures compliance & regulations with a view to keep I. R. Tubes Pvt. Ltd. profitable in the long run.

Navnath Gavhane

Head of Taxation

Navnath is responsible for the Company’s tax compliance, tax planning and accounting for income taxes. He works with businesses, service providers, and other tax professionals and with financial management within the Company and third party service providers.

Prakash Pakhare

Head of Store/despatch.

Prakash manages the entire order cycle so as to enhance business development and ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction.